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Mountain bike coaching by Clive Forth


My love of mountain biking started in the early '80s when my parents brought me a subscription to the US magazine Mountain Bike Action. In 1987, I found myself lining up for my first race; downhill competition didn't exist in the UK so this was an elbow to elbow frenzy in the cross country (XC) discipline. I competed in XC races for a few seasons before finally, in the early '90s, the first British National Downhill (DH) series took place. I Raced DH alongside XC and added Dual Slalom to my roster with the support and sponsorship of various brands, including Oakley and Yeti Cycles, through the early '90s before being picked up by the legendary Volvo Cannondale Team. 


The sport and the bikes were evolving at such a rapid rate that by the end of the '90s I needed a new challenge, I partnered up with Rob Lee, an old friend of mine whom I had introduced to mountain biking and we started a quest to conquer the new 24-hour race discipline.   We dominated the sport for many years with the Extreme Endurance Team and I found myself a niche gravity-based endurance race series (The SAAB Salomon Avalanche Trophy) that took me all over Europe, racing elbow to elbow with names like Nino Schurter, Nicolas Vouilloz, and Jerome Clements.  



Whether you are just starting out on your mountain bike and eBike adventures or you are a seasoned pro looking to smoke the competition next season, my years of experience across multiple disciplines and two decades of coaching experience will help you overcome the technical and physical challenges of mountain biking and eBike riding,  As a regular contributor to the mountain bike press on all things skills and technique and coauthor of skills instruction syllabus for a major cycling organization, I guarantee you will make big leaps in your trail riding prowess. From mastering The Manual to finding traction in the turns, I can help you get more from your mountain and eBike experiences. 

So, if you're bamboozled by the jive talk in those YouTube edits or bouncing back from a nasty crash, let me cut to the chase and get you riding faster-further with added confidence and flair.  

Managing Mountain Bike Trail Facilities:

If you are managing a facility or want to learn about the design, build, inspection, and maintenance of mountain bike trails, I am only too happy to help. Through my work with the Association of Trail Builders (ATB) and years of first-hand experience designing, building, inspecting, and maintaining trail networks, I can deliver ATB training courses in all areas of trails and their management.  You won't find us on social media, but you will find us on the trails. Please feel free to get in touch via email or the good old-fashioned phone for more information.

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