Bike 313

Adventures in Extreme

Adventures in extreme.....

When the Extreme Endurance team crossed the finish line for the last time some thought this was the end of a legendary era in 24h mountain bike racing. The team parted ways and solo escapades in Extreme were followed by the individuals who had paved the way for a decade.

Rob "The Boss' Lee took the tarmac smashing endurance time trial records while his partner in grime Clive Forth continued with marathon DH events and epic adventure rides. 

A new era is upon us and we have challenges before us like never before. We have always focused, be it as a team or as individuals on going further faster. We aim to make the impossible possible and often ask, 'can it really be done'?


In 2019 the Solway 600 is coming.


if you have to ask what it is then its not for you

You can't enter but you can apply

We don't know if it can be done

You may or you may not be selected

We want you try but be prepared to cry

To get a vague idea what we have planned start your quest by researching The Barkley Marathon

We were inspired, will you be?

You will have to watch this space for more info and hidden links. The journey has begun.....

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